Mustangs Plus

April 2003 Display

There were a lot more cars at the show than I got pictures of.  There were just too many people in the way.  I am always amazed at how many people come out for the Mustangs Plus Display.

I did notice this time that many of the "regulars" were not there.  I suspect this was due to the Knotts show happening the same weekend.

BAMA VP, Stan's fastback.

This picture does not do the paint justice.

Shelby GT350

BAMA president, Chuck's car.  One of my personal favorites.
Who's the babe in the hat?

Chuck's engine.  Nicely executed.

Another BAMA car.  I like the billet grill on this one.  I wonder if the GT goodies will work with it?

Very nice California Special

A GT convertible.  I need to get one of these someday.

Very clean.

Check out this paint!  Very nicely done.

100mph sitting still.

More nicely done silver paint.

How low can you go?  A car similar to mine.  I just love the Ivy Green Metallic paint.

A very interesting shock tower brace.

Here is what my car looked like from the factory.

This car has all the goodies.  It even has the rear bumper guards.

This is the color my interior was from the factory.

This is clean!  I like it.

I'd love to get one of these for my wife.

I would not complain if one of these lived in my garage.