NorCal-VMF Cruise #3
"The broken Slide-A-Link"

NorCal-VMF Cruise #3 pre-cruise cars.  What's she looking at? (438,703 bytes) See, I did make it to Ocean Beach (346,315 bytes) The rest of the cars that made it to the beach. (354,500 bytes) They're leaving me behind... (338,627 bytes) Bye... :-( (331,075 bytes)
Have fun cruising to Infinion Raceway Park (Sears Point) (343,439 bytes) I thought they'd never leave... (328,435 bytes) This is why I didn't go on the cruise.  Darn traction bar broke. (363,010 bytes) It's not supposed to have that many pieces. (444,013 bytes) It looks to me like a manufacturing defect.  See the granularity? (565,367 bytes)
Not a happy looking piece of hardware, is it? (232,499 bytes) It's definitely broken... (713,768 bytes)