I Broke My Engine at the NorCal SAAC 2002 Fall Classic

Here is a sound clip of the death of my engine.  It's a ~800Kb MP3 file.

Day One Discovery (Monday).
Driver side Valve Train Passenger side valve train Distributor Distributor gear closeup Air Cleaner Bases w/all screws intact
Driver side valvetrain. Passenger side valvetrain. Distributor Distributor gear closeup. Air cleaner bases with all fasteners intact.

Days Two and Four Discovery (Tues and Thu).
day2-09.JPG (355,374 bytes) day2-06.JPG (392,580 bytes) day2-07.JPG (393,816 bytes) day2-04.JPG (389,165 bytes) day2-08.JPG (337,595 bytes)
After closer inspection I discovered that the exh valve on #6 was not quite right. Here is the valve stem with the retainer still on it. Where did the valve itself go? You don't suppose it's in the engine, do you? This does not look like an impact break to me...
day2-05.JPG (409,546 bytes) day2-01.JPG (390,915 bytes) day2-02.JPG (372,473 bytes) day2-03.JPG (379,029 bytes) #6-IntakePort.JPG (321,374 bytes)
See the black pebbled surface?  That looks like a failure, not a break. Compression ring and cylinder or crank particles.     Look at all the debris in there.  This does not bode well at all.

Day Five Discovery (Friday).
day5-01.jpg (373,222 bytes) day5-02.jpg (384,444 bytes) day5-03.jpg (367,130 bytes) day5-04.jpg (306,001 bytes) day5-05.jpg (368,732 bytes)
Wow!  That's quite a view. Look at all the goodies down there.      
day5-06.jpg (372,822 bytes) day5-07.jpg (245,975 bytes) day5-08.jpg (424,620 bytes) day5-09.jpg (731,471 bytes) day5-10.jpg (755,481 bytes)
    Check out my "breaker bar".  He goes by the name of Roberto    
day5-11.jpg (776,202 bytes) day5-12.jpg (708,308 bytes) day5-13.jpg (397,184 bytes)    
Does this look fixable? Hmm.... something does not look quite right. Roberto is a hard worker.    

Tomorrow's excitement will be dropping the pan and inspecting the bottom end of the engine.  I fully expect it to be really ugly.

Day Six Discovery (Saturday)
View from below day6-002.jpg (343,624 bytes) day6-003.jpg (505,031 bytes) day6-004.jpg (454,594 bytes) day6-005.jpg (433,318 bytes)
View from below View of contents of windage tray #4 & #8 look ok. Can you see the wristpin trying to get out of the tray? Wrist pin trying to get away
day6-006.jpg (646,802 bytes) day6-007.jpg (533,503 bytes) day6-008.jpg (418,897 bytes) day6-009.jpg (581,531 bytes) day6-010.jpg (480,391 bytes)
The contents of the windage tray.  No, I did not pile them in there. Honest, this is the way the tray looked when we dropped it. I'm not sure, but I think the crank is pretty much toast. #7 lost it's rod too. That piece of piston is the only one that still looks like piston.
day6-011.jpg (357,141 bytes) day6-012.jpg (311,228 bytes) day6-013.jpg (528,709 bytes) day6-014.jpg (783,370 bytes) day6-015.jpg (744,827 bytes)
A good view of the #7 piston from below.  It looks like it was on the way up when the crank stopped moving abruptly. #6
Look Ma, I can see the sun!!!
#2 took a beating too. #3 doesn't look good either. #7 lost it's cylinder wall too.
day6-016.jpg (664,383 bytes) day6-017.jpg (575,186 bytes) day6-018.jpg (386,513 bytes) day6-019.jpg (312,649 bytes) day6-020.jpg (531,038 bytes)
#5 looks ok, but that poor crank :( #7 piston.  The wrist pin just ripped the bottom half of the piston away.     The only things holding this together are the rings.
day6-021.jpg (558,823 bytes) day6-022.jpg (555,003 bytes) day6-023.jpg (386,834 bytes) day6-024.jpg (484,558 bytes) day6-028.jpg (626,597 bytes)
Look at all the goodies in the pan. Wow!!! The pan got holed too. This looks like wrist pin impact. I didn't know rings could bend like this.
day6-026.jpg (297,772 bytes) day6-030.jpg (373,137 bytes) day6-025.jpg (542,697 bytes) day6-027.jpg (430,058 bytes) day6-029.jpg (568,229 bytes)
Wanna buy a piston?  Slightly used.   Trophies.  Left rod is #7, right is #6. #6 con rod #6 con rod with cap.

I got to meet another VMFer as part of the day's excitement.  Ken Keck (KENK66) came over and helped pull the oil pan.  I'd like to say thanks to Ken for his assist and apologize for forgetting to get his picture.  Ken, if you want to come back by I will be happy to add your picture to the collection.