For normal use on the road, the new shock absorbers must be fitted straight from the box (do not alter in any way the original adjustment) with piston rod uppermost. The arrow marked "TOP" on the damper must be in upward position. Pullout the piston rod in this position only.

Fit rubber bushings, nuts etc. as per instruction sheet enclosed with the set of parts; alternatively, in the same sequence as assembled on the attachment pin when received already fitted.


If adjustment of the damping forces is desired or necessary, this can be done as follows:

Remove the shock absorber from the vehicle and hold it vertically with the lower eye or pin attachment in a vice. Use clamp plates to prevent damage.

Attention: If there is an indentation Bin the dust cap C and the cover shows 2 holes A, the shock absorber is fitted with a bump rubber D. If so, fully extend the shock absorber and insert around bar or screw driver through the holes. Push the bump rubber down and remove it. Remove the split plastic collar E -if fitted -from the piston rod.

Fully close the shock absorber at the same time turning the dust cap or piston rod slowly to the left (anti-clockwise) until it is felt that the cams of the adjusting nut engage in the recesses of the foot valve assembly.

The damper may have already been adjusted. Therefore check whether the shock absorber is in the unadjusted position or not b) keeping it closed and gently turning further to the left counting at the same time the half turns until a stop is felt. Stop turning then and do not use force.

Keeping the shock absorber closed make 2 half turns (3600) to the right (clockwise). In case of prior adjustment add the number of half turns previously found. The total range is about 5 half turns.

Pull the shock absorber out vertically without turning for at least 1 cm to disengage the adjusting mechanism. The dust cap or piston rod may now be turned freely.

Attention: Where a bump rubber was installed, refit same inside the dust cap and by fully closing the shock absorber, the rubber will seat again at top of the dust cap. Refit the split plastic collar E.

The shock absorber can now be refitted.

Adjustment must always be carried out in pairs -thus 2 front and/or 2 rear dampers -and for the same amount.
Koni Shock Absorber Adjustment