KKPony Clutch Install

JMC Hydraulic Slave Cylinder Installation

These are shots of the slave cylinder from below after completing the installation and driveing the car for a while.  The original slave cylinder was what JMC calls the "normal" one and it left the pedal on the floor without quite completely disengaging the clutch.  I called JMC and asked what could be done and was told that they had a "racing" slave that would take a little more pedal effort but allowed for more travel.  I got the "racing" slave cylinder and installed it.

Sure enough, the "racing" slave did allow for more travel; so much so that the o-ring on the piston actually went past the end of the cylinder twice.  This was fixed by cutting a second o-ring groove about 1/4" back from the first and using the new one.  Since the new o-ring position the clutch has been perfect.  I am completely in love with the feel and function and can not recommend it high enough.

I used a late model bell housing for my installation.  I am thinking that I will change this out for a McLeod blow-bell when I put in the new engine.  We shall see.