Gates Thermoplastic Clamp Offers Maintenance-Free Hose Connection

A new cooling system clamp from Gates, made of thermoplastic, shrinks to conform to any shape of hose and housing.

Made of a heat-sensitive material, Gates new PowerGrip™ SB clamp solves coolant leakage problems in both silicone and standard rubber wall hoses, even on out-of-round fittings.

Gates thermoplastic clamp maintains a dynamic tension so that it never needs retightening. Whenever the engine reaches operating temperture, the shrink forces of PowerGrip SB readjust to a consistent clamping force. In addition, its clamping force increases as the temperature drops below 40 degrees F, thereby tightening the connection.

Cold leaks, which normally occur when the temperature drops below 40 degrees F, are eliminated. Installation using a heat gun is fast and easy, including hard-to-reach places. Heat-gun attachments permit installation in confining areas that would be extremely difficult to reach using a screwdriver on conventional worm-drive screw clamps.

The PowerGrip SB hose clamp features a smooth surface that won't rust, corrode, or result in cut fingers during installation.

PowerGrip SB hose clamps are completely resistant to all automotive fluids including oil, antifreeze and even brake fluid.

Wider than conventional clamps, PowerGrip SB hose clamps can be positioned over the raised bead on the end of the fitting nipple - even cast metal.

PowerGrip SB clamps are readily removed with Gates' specially-designed clamp removal tool. The clamps also can be removed using a soldering iron to melt through the thermoplastic material.

Sizes are available for 1/4 through 3-1/8 inch I.D. hose.