"....And that word was power...."

Book of Ford, GT chapter, verses 4.6-5.0 (5-speed standard translation)

"And yea, The Lord spoke unto Henry Ford saying thus:  "Keepeth thee these commandments, and don't smoke in the friggen car"

1. There is but one God, and his name is V-8.

2. Thou shall have no other Gods before V-8.

3. Thou shall not tempt the lord thy God, be it at the light which burns red, or at the sign which sayest "STOP".

4. Know ye this, that a spoiler that looks like it belongs on a NASA blue print is NOT a "performance" modification.

5. Worship not at the altar of "fart cans and neon running lights" for Yea, it is a false prophesy, and doom shall descend upon thee with the sound of thunderous hoof beats.

6. Thou shalt not spend the GNP of Paraguay on thy stereo.

7. Beware Those who cry to the masses that they are "Fast and furious", for their words are lies, and their tires are small.

8. Two wrongs does not a right make, and two Civics bearing lots of stickers are still....Well, Civics.

9. Remember 1964 and keep it holy.

10. Where ever two or more of thee are gathered in the name of performance, I shall be with thee.