May 20
Visit to Mustang Fever

The stripping continues and evidence of previous repairs are found.

Eeek... it's nekkid!

This is the weirdest rust I've ever seen.  

There must have been something leaning up against the car, or in the trunk.

There is evidence of repair work here.

The wheel well has been pulled out before.  Plastic filler... UGH!

Look at the dent in the fender lip.

Oops... Tail ender once upon a time.

There was some shoddy work done here.

Small parts look pretty good.

Factory lead.

A bit lumpy though.
It would seem that this car spent a long time out of doors.  There is quite a bit of deep surface rust on the roof.
It also looks like the car was hit from behind, based on the poorly replaced panels and deck lid.