Various Engines

289 w/Webers This engine is in a genuine AC Cobra.
Vintage Ford 302 w/Webers

This engine is from a '66 Shelby R-model Coupe, also referred to as Group 2.  I just love the look of Webers on a V8.  The sound really works for me too, as does the instant throttle response.

VMF L20068 This was in VMFer L20068's '68 coupe.  It's pretty impressive for a six.  It has since been replaced by a V8.
VMF gt350mike - '66 Shelby Clone This is a 408 stroker that belongs to VMFer gt350mike.
VMF plummer55
This engine belonged to VMFer Plummer55 who passed away.  The engine is nothing special, but the man was.  I am going to keep his car and engine up on this site as a memorial to him.
GTA Engine I am not sure who this engine belongs to, but it is interesting.
VMF evan - '67 coupe This engine belongs to VMFer evan.
This engine belongs to VMFer MYTOYS.  It is a blown 347 and makes in the neighborhood of 600HP.
VMF uppy17 - '69 Mach1
This engine belongs to VMFer uppy17.  It lives in a '69 Mach1.
VMF CAPonyBoy - '69 Coupe
This will someday be the picture of an engine belonging to VMFer CaPonyBoy.  For now, it is just the hole where the engine should go.
VMF 69convert - '69 'vert
This engine belongs to VMFer 69convert.  It lives in a '69 convertible.
Maverick EFI This engine is in a Maverick.
VMF reinaldo - '67 coupe This engine belongs to VMFer reinaldo.  It lives in a '67 coupe.
VMF RaSMG - '66 coupe - 5.0 This engine is in a nice little red '66 coupe belonging to a VMFer who goes by RasMG.  It's a warmed-over 5.0.
VMF johnk - Shelby GT350 6S383 This belongs to a fellow VMFer as well (johnk).  It's in his '66 GT350.  Purty, ain't it?
VMF Laurie_S - Trouble's Engine This engine is in "Trouble", which is a modified '68 fastback belonging to VMFer "Laurie_S".  This car is scary nice.  
VMF kensblue65fb VMF kensblue65fb VMF kensblue65fb This engine belongs to a fellow VMFer (kensblue65fb).  It has an RPM intake, B303 cam, tri-y headers, E7TE heads and Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust.
VMF Hotmod - '65 fastback This engine belongs to fellow VMFer, Hotmod.  It lives in his modified '66 fastback.  This is a 418ci fontana alluminum block, TFS twisted wedge R heads, Comp Cams 260@.050", Victor Jr intake, Demon RS 975cfg carb and has been dynoed at the flywheel with 558hp,518lb/ft.  Woof!
VMF ewok351 - '69 Mach1 This engine belongs to a fellow VMFer, "ewok351".  The car is a '69 Mach1.
FRPP 5.0L "CAMMER" in a 65/66FRPP 5.0L "CAMMER" up closeFRPP 5.0L "CAMMER" w/Webers This is the new FRPP 5.0L "Cammer".  You can own one of these for a nominal fee of only about $15K
427 SOHC - What a beaut!!! This thing is gorgeous. 427 SOHC. Woof!