Last updated August 1, 2005

We had a real problem getting the electric fan to fit properly.  We ended up cutting the mounting ears off of the radiator and welding them back on roughly 3/4" closer to the engine, which allowed us to mount the radiator set into the hole in the support.  This in turn gave us the clearance we needed to mount the fan in a puller setup, which we needed so that we could mount the air conditioning condensor on the front.  The second picture is a shot of the side of the radiator with the location of the modified mount indicated.

Spal Fan and Griffin Radiator Modified Griffin Radiator

You can see the Griffin radiator and the Spal fan in this shot.  The Spal replaced the PermaCool unit, which did not do a very good job keeping the car cool.  When the fan was running it flexed to the point where there was about an inch between the radiator and the blades.  Check out the nice job that Dan Fodge did mounting the fan too.  If you look closely you can also see how little room there is between the fan and the pulley.  Remember, this is after we moved the radiator into the support by roughly 3/4".

Overflow tank

You can see the coolant recovery tank in this shot.  I found a less costly source for the coolant recovery tank.