Last updated August 1, 2005

My little 327ci stroker -- 437 lb/ft at 6100, 540HP at 7000 (we stopped the pull at 7000, but the HP was still climbing)
(see the dyno chart see the dyno graph)
This part is all about the engine that I blew up October of 2004. I will update it as soon as I have the car back together. In the meantime, you can see what I am doing by looking at the new engine pages. Engine as seen at VMOA show 2001 Engine with injection installed Engine with injection installed Polished PowerMaster Alternator View of engine from below The Injected Engine with the Air Conditioning Installed Engine w/Air Cleaners Oil Breather Tank
  1. The engine as it was for the 2001 VMOA show. This was just prior to the injection setup being installed.
  2. The engine with the injection fully installed. I have real air cleaners too (see picture 7 below).
  3. Another shot of the injection setup.
  4. The polished alternator.  This unit is from PowerMaster and is rated at 140-amps.
  5. A view you don't often get unless you are lying under the car; a shot of the bottom of the engine.  I think it looks pretty darn good down here.
  6. The engine with the air conditioning fully installed and functional.
  7. The engine with the air cleaners installed.
  8. Oil breather tank.  It's little, but it should do the job.  If it turns out that I need a larger tank I can put one in the same location.