Last updated October 30, 2010

This page is all about the engine that I blew up in October of 2003. I will update it as soon as I actually have an exhaust system in the car.

Another big question is whether or not I'll be able to get the exhaust to come out the GT valance where it belongs. I already know I won't be running the louvered trumpets, I just don't know if we can get the tips where they belong due to the proximity of the fuel cell to the desired path. Only time will tell... See the pictures below for an idea of why I am concerned about the tail pipes.

Fuel Cell vs. Coil-over clearance issues

Saturday, July 30, 2005
A view of the route the tailpipe will have to travel Another view of the same route.  Not much room over the shock from this angle... A view of the route made available by removing the front corners of the fuel cell
Here is a view of the route the tailpipe will have to take to get over the shock. The camera is just below the exhaust port in the GT valance. Not much clearance back there for 2.5" pipes. Another similar shot, taken a little closer to the fuel cell, like the pipe will actually have to run. A shot from further out, showing the area made available by removing the leading corners of the fuel cell. Still tight, but it should work out. I just need to find the right artist to make the pipes up.

This section is the old setup. The current setup is nothing like depicted below.

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Here are a few shots of my exhaust system.  You will note that there is not much room under there and that there is no "X"-pipe or "H"-pipe.  The lack of room has something to do with the lack of cross-over.  I will be having an "H"-pipe put in; it will go under the bell housing.

The pipes are -21/2" from the collectors all the way back and out the valance with rolled chrome tips.

I had the 40-series, 2-chamber, mufflers on the car for a short period.  They sounded really good from the outside, but they resonated so badly on the inside that I could not stand it.  The 50-series are much better for actually driving.  I also had DynaMat put in under the carpets, which helped even more.

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Be very careful who you select to do any work on your baby.  I got a recommendation from someone I trusted for exhaust work and ended up with a butcher job on my brand new ceramic coated header (see pic above).  They also forgot to install the H-pipe I payed for and hacked up my clutch Z-bar without telling me they were going to do so.