Induction System
Last updated October 2, 2002

These pictures were taken on the floor of my livingroom. I was so excited to finally have the product in house.  Just click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

Front View of Injection System Rear View of Injection System 3/4 view of Injection System top view of Injection System Injection installed

I finally got the air cleaner bases back after only a year.  The first time I got them back the grooves for the elements were too narrow and I had to return them.  This time everything fits except for the shock tower support just barely touches when it's mounted above the bracket.  Moving it to the bottom of the bracket solved that problem.  The pictures below show what they look like.

The fourth picture shows just how close the shock tower brace comes to the cleaner.  If the brace was on top of the bracket at the back the rod actually touched the top cover, which would not be a happy thing.

Air Cleaners - Front View Air Cleaners from the left front Air Cleaners from the right front Air Cleaners Clearances

For more shots of the installed injection look at my engine page.