Pictures of the reassembly

Last updated: November 14, 2004
This page is done in reverse chronological order, so you can see the most recent updates easily.

Reassembly Progress - November 13, 2004
TCP subframe ground clearance TCP subframe ground clearance Side view with TCP subframes Closer view of TCP subframes from the side of the car
I was asked to take some pictures of the subframe connectors to demonstrate how much lower they are than the rest of the car. As you can see, they are not too much lower. Another clearance shot. Closer shot of the subframe connectors.
A look at how the TCP Coil-over cage looks from behind Another shot from the rear Side view - you can sorta see the new brakes here.
Here is a shot of the back of the car showing the view of the TCP coil-over cage and fuel cell. A little more light... A little less light. Gratuitous shot of the side of the car. You can sorta see the new rotors and hats here.

Reassembly Progress - November 6, 2004
Front view with "street racing" valance. Rear view with fuel cell and GT valance. The fuel cell is in place.  The plumbing still needs to be done. It is finally looking like a complete car again.
The street "racing" valance is on.  It looks pretty good, I think.  I was concerned that the condensor would look shabby.   Is it just me, or does the grill look nekkid without a Pony in there?
Look... it looks like a car from back here.  The bumper is only "placed" and still needs to be properly fit, but it looks right purty.  The fuel cell is in as it should be.  The rear suspension will not be very visible from back here when it's on the ground.
The fuel cell from the top.  The guys had to re-shape the filler neck to get it to fit.  Now we just need to plumb the lines.
Three quarter view.  I little dirty, but you get the idea.  It looks like a car again... finally.
Driver side bottom of the fuel cell.  Not much room for the exhaust pipe here. The exhaust comes out here.  It fit the last time, so should this time as well.  I hope... Passenger side bottom view of the fuel cell. Passenger side GT valance port hole.  Lots of room here.
Fuel Cell view from underneath on the driver side.  Not much room for exhaust here.  The factory hangers will probably not work. Driver side exhaust port hole.  It's gonna be tight, but it should work.  It did the last time. There's lots more room on the passenger side.  I wonder why Ford decided to offset the gas tank under here?  Room for the spare, perhaps? Lots of room on the passenger side for the pipe.