Last updated June 25, 2005

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Here are a few shots of the driver side suspension and brakes. You can clearly see the TCP upper and lower control arms, the TCP coil-over shock and the TCP strut rod.  The brakes in this shot are Stainless Steel 12" rotors with PBR 2-piston calipers.  You can also see the front anti-sway bar if you look closely.  I got the 1" anti-sway bar and Midolyne bushings from Canadian Mustang.

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This is a shot of the power rack and the way it hooks up to the tilt column.

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Here are a couple of shots of the TCP power rack.

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The first pic here is the rear 5/8" Stam-Bar anti-sway bar hookup on the passenger side.  This setup is totally adjustable and hooks up pretty much oposite of the "normal" anti-sway bar.

The second pic is a closeup of the frame mount point of the Stam-Bar.

The third pic is a closeup of the Stam-Bar linkage and it's associated attaching point hardware.  

Stam-Bar installation tip:  Remember that if you lower the back of the car you need to shorten the links an equal amount to avoid contact with the wheel well on hard bumps.  I forgot this step initially and have the scars back there to prove it.


Traction Control

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Here you can see the Competition Engineering Slide-A-Link traction bar and the 5-leaf mid-eye srpings.  This was a bit of an adventure to install since they had just come out with the product and had never run into to mid-eye leafs.  We had to shave .5" off of the poly bushings to get things to work.